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    The Future Of Fashion Is Now: Your 101 on Epic Men's Fashion

    The future of fashion is now. Men’s fashion has changed significantly over the years. Instead of only being able to wear jeans and a basic tee, new fashion brands are popping up allowing guys to actually have clothing and men’s accessories that allow them to express themselves. From small online clothing stores for men to unique caps and 5 panel hats, graphic tees and streetwear with unique style, the future of fashion can be found right here, right now on Full Circle Clothing.

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    Smaller Brands are Bigger

    One of the biggest changes men’s fashion has seen over the years is the rise of smaller brands. Gone are the days where every guy is wearing the same skater shoes and fitted caps. Instead, the future of men’s fashion is all about finding the hidden gems within the industry; shopping online to find epic 5 panel hats instead of fitted sports caps and wearing streetwear that won’t be seen on everyone else trucker hats, caps, men's hat, streetwear, 5 panel hats, full circle clothing, men’s fashion, men’s style, men’s clothing, clothing for men, around you. It’s all about wearing clothing from men from stores such as Full Circle Clothing because smaller brands are bigger.


    Streetwear = Street Art

    Remember the days where the only clothing for guys was t-shirts and hoodies with a skater brand plastered on the front? Those days are long behind us. Men’s clothing is much more exquisite and artistic today than it has ever been before. The more unique a graphic tee, sweatshirt, men's cap, etc. can be, the better! Men’s fashion is artistic and original, and the best streetwear comes from smaller shops that have put time into creating epic and unique designs that are certain to turn some heads.


    The Less You Look Like Everyone Else, The Better

    Speaking of unique streetwear, the future of fashion is all about breaking moulds and breaking out of society’s “ideal image” of what a man should be. It’s about wearing clothing that speaks to your personality, no matter how weird or original it may be. Perhaps you like looking like a homeless bum – go for it! Maybe you like vibrant neon colours and extreme graphic tees, or maybe you simply refuse to look like a Hollister model. No matter what it is that you like to wear, it’s game, and the less you look like everyone else, the better.


    Men’s Fashion is Going Digital

    It’s safe to say that most men don’t like going to shopping centers. It isn’t the shopping that you dislike; it’s the massive crowds and long lines that make what-should-be an enjoyable experience almost unbearable. But that’s all about to trucker hats, caps, men's hat, streetwear, 5 panel hats, full circle clothing, men’s fashion, men’s style, men’s clothing, clothing for men, change.

    Prime Wardrobe is a new feature available on Amazon to those who have a Prime account and it basically turns a trip to the mall digital. Now, shopping online for men’s fashion isn’t new by any means but Prime Wardrobe is much more than that.

    With this advanced feature, you can choose between eight and three items of men’s fashion, whether it’s trucker hats and caps, graphic tees, skater sweatshirts – you name it, and you get seven days to try everyone on once it arrives at your home. If you don’t like the way something looks, send it back! You only pay for the men’s fashion that you keep. It’s epic and you can finally avoid shopping malls altogether.


    We are hoping to get Full Circle Clothing on Prime Wardrobe in the future but for now, you can shop for all your men’s style online. And when the clothes and trucker hats look this epic, there’s no way you’ll want to return them.

    Shop today and explore the streetwear style that makes up Full Circle Clothing.

    For the Love of T-Shirts: A Beginners Guide to T-Shirt Collecting

    For the Love of T-Shirts: A Beginners Guide to T-Shirt Collecting

    For the Love of T-Shirts: A Beginners Guide to T-Shirt Collecting You know what they say. . . a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single t-shirt. That’s right, all it takes is one quality tee to kick off an impressive collection. Here at Full Circle, we believe t-shirt collections worldwide deserve to be celebrated. And why not? You’ve still got time to gear up for International T-Shirt Day which happens to land on June 21st this year. Whether or not you’re a connoisseur of the cotton, everyone knows that a quality t-shirt is a closet staple. You just can’t live without ‘em. But some have cracked the code and have realized t-shirts are actually a super fun and creative way to show the world who they really are. Let’s face it, we all have that one t-shirt we could never retire. Maybe just looking at it brings back a flood of memories. Perhaps it’s unwearable since we’ve either grown out of it, or worn it ragged. But nevertheless, it still holds a special place in our closet. Now, not every t-shirt is worthy of being crowned as part of a collection. In fact, it takes a cocktail of the right memories, the right graphics, and the right feel to lend it that “collectible” status. T-shirt collections are as unique as the individuals who curate them, and they typically don’t all come from the same brand. The Best T-Shirt Collections Online One of the most popular t-shirt collections belongs to KathleenLights on YouTube, who explains, “I really, really love fashion so much. But I like to be comfortable more. Therefore, I live in t-shirts… And I also have this thing that if I love a certain show, or if I love certain person, or certain band, a certain movie, I have to, for some reason, have a T-shirt. I don’t know why, I’m just that kind of person.” See her collection and stories behind each shirt: 



    Some have a true obsession with a specific brand or t-shirt line. In this case, the collector becomes focused on snagging all the rare and limited edition colors and prints. Enter Brooks Crev. Brooks gave us a tour of his $20,000 collection of Supreme box-logo tees. That’s right. . . $20,000 in t-shirts. Hot damn! And like any t-shirt die-hard, he’s categorized and sealed each one in a ziploc bag. Of course, there’s a method to his madness. Brooks says, “I’ve always liked Supreme, but I’ve never really gone this far into it, I was really more into shoes, but Supreme’s market right now is crazy.” He’s right. . . we checked. A single Supreme logo box tee is $450 on their website, and can fetch up to $1,200 on Ebay if you’ve got a rare piece in your collection. Is he cashing in on that? You betcha. “I do try to be a reseller, I try to make money off this,” he says. “This is more my collection that I’m not gonna sell, and then I have pieces like, every week I try to get the new drops. I pretty much get ‘em all.” What Drives Your T-Shirt Collection? As t-shirt collectors, we’re each driven by our own motivations, and our own budgets. But for most of us, what makes us stay in the game is the feeling of satisfaction we get when we slip on a t-shirt we really dig. And in that priceless moment, we know without a doubt that we’ll never give it up, and that we’ll keep coming back for more. Now we want to hear from you. Do consider yourself a t-shirt collector? If so, are you more like Kathleen or Brooks in your approach, maybe you have completely different ideas and reasons for why you collect? Whatever it is. . . share it in the comments below! And don’t forget to shop all our latest designs here at Full Circle.

    Top 10 Independent Clothing Brands for Your 2018 Adventures

    Top 10 Independent Clothing Brands for Your 2018 Adventures

    You’ve made up your mind to take the road less traveled, so why not get off the beaten path of the Patagonia’s and The North Face’s and discover clothing brands as unique as the trail you blaze. A good handful of clothing companies are dishing up amazing lines, and some are really starting to create some buzz. With a commitment to quality and authenticity, here’s to the underdogs who deserve to be top dogs. We salute you!


     Howler Brothers

     Howler Brothers Frontpage


    Mens, Kids, Gear - Coastal Style

    Anyone who’s heeded the call to surf new waters knows the bond that’s created by adventure with friends. Howler Brothers was started by two surfing / fishing / paddling friends with a passion for everything outdoors. They craft limited-run goods specifically for coastal sports. We love their commitment to doing things the “honest and pure way” it’s the baseline for everything they do.


    Topo Designs

    Mens, Womens, Gear - Mountain and City Living

    Quality, timeless looks for people who are just as comfortable on the streets of NYC as the top of the nearest mountain. That’s what Topo Designs strives to accomplish, and they’ve done it well. If you’re the kind of person who’s always dreaming of change, you’ll dig having a closet full of clothes that adapts right along with you. And with a lifetime warranty and repairs program, you can rest easy knowing your clothing will last.




    Men’s Clothing and Accessories - Surf and Stone

    Water and rock. Founded in a Hermosa Beach garage in 2004 by an avid surfer / climber / artist, HippyTree captures another craft lifestyle, the surfer who also loves to climb. Their Spring collection is designed for “aimless wandering,” perfect for the ever-ready adventurer who’s always seeking. We love their mission to build and celebrate their brand’s tribe. You’ll see a photo contest and a ‘who’s-who’ right on their website.



    Swrve Clothing Website

    Mens Activewear - Active Lifestyle

    Not for the weekend warrior, Swrve is designed with durability and staying-power. Ever bike home from the office? In these clothes, you’ll never have to pull a Superman. Their main goal is ultimate usability, so you can forget about what you’re wearing and focus on getting to the top of the mountain, even if that mountain is paperwork. Oh, and check out the family photo on their About page... it’s hilarious!




    Mens, Womens, Home Accessories - Active Lifestyle

    What makes Jungmaven different? The threads themselves. Jungmaven is a true renegade of the outdoor clothing world, founded by a spirit of activism. They want to clothe you in soft, low-impact hemp fabrics, and change the world by doing it. Check ‘em out!


    Western Rise

    Western Rise Homepage

    Mens, Womens, Accessories - Active Lifestyle / Travel

    A determination to rise is at the heart of their unique philosophy and core drive. The folks behind Western Rise describe how they were frustrated with clothes that were either ill-fitting or not versatile for all occasions. Now they’re relentless in their approach to flip that script, which means you’ll probably be wearing your Western Rise threads relentlessly, too.



    Give’r Homepage



    Mens, Womens, Kids, Accessories - Backcountry

    Watch as Give'r founder Bubba sticks his gloved hand in boiling water and picks up burning logs and dry ice. That’s just cray. Their now-ubiquitous Bomber gloves were touted by Backcountry Magazine as “equal parts high end and hard working.” Outdoor magazine says these are “Bomber gloves that are just as happy living in your Toyota year-round as they are shredding on the ski hill.” Gloves, shirts, headwear. . . Give’r has it all.  


    Toad & Co

    Toad and Co Hompage

    Mens, Womens, Accessories - Active Lifestyle

    Ask what they do, and they’ll say, “we’re not in the business of making clothes – we’re in the business of change.” Well, this independent clothing line is super eco-friendly, and every purchase goes to support their dual-mission of conserving the Earth and helping the developmentally disabled. Seems legit to us!



    Full Circle

    Full Circle Clothing Homepage

    Mens, Womens, Unisex - Active Urban/Wilderness

    Put down your phone, turn off the TV, get outside and look up. That’s the message of Full Circle, an independent clothing brand that’s helping people make their way out of the city and into the wilderness. The more people who take the time to breathe and get connected with nature that surrounds, the more positivity and peace we’ll bring to our interactions with one another. Hey, and why not get inspired with some pretty awesome designs?!

    OK, so we only gave you 9 boutique clothing lines. . . that’s because we want your two-cents on who’s missing from the list! So drop your pick in the comments below, along with a good reason why they deserve top 10. Being a clothing company today is not for the faint of heart, but thankfully all these brands prove that their workers have an unquenchable thirst for the next big adventure.